Saturday, September 18, 2010

25 weeks & First pair of cowboy boots

Our sweet little Bryson has not been feeling so sweet this week. He has been coughing and sneezing and so i took him to the doctor on Monday to find out that he had a double ear infection and the crud. Needless to say he has not been a happy camper. He weighed 14 lbs 11 oz. :) (he's getting bigger slowly but surely) We also got Bryson his first pair of cowboy boots this week (so cute) I can't wait for it to get cooler so he can wear them comfortably, and he got to hang out with his future girlfriend Journey. Check out his pictures for the week! :)

War Eagle!!!!

New Boots (check out those chunky legs)

Checkin out Journey

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bananas, Apples, Squash, Oh my!!!

This past week we started introducing baby food. We started with bananas, then apples, and today we tried squash. He LOVES it! He is quite the little piglet. The first time we gave him bananas he ate the whole thing! I couldn't believe how well he did. Maybe he will start to grow now that he is getting something besides his milk. We go to the doctor next week for his 6 month check up and shots so we'll see how much he has grown in the past 2 months. :)

Full of bananas!

He made a happy plate :)


24 Weeks and Football Time!

It's finally here! Football season that is and of course we have our little man decked out head to toe in his AUBURN gear (with a little help from Uncle Eric :) and his Aggie attire. Check out his pictures from week 24!

War Eagle! Hey!

Daddy & Bryson sporting their AU gear! :)

Go Aggies! Bryson's first football game!