Monday, November 22, 2010

35 Weeks and a Country Christmas

This past weekend Mimi took Kelly, Jansen, Bryson, and I to the Opryland hotel to A Country Christmas. :) We had so much fun and it was the neatest place. I had never been inside the hotel and I did not know what I have been missing out on. We went to the Ice exhibit, went "sight seeing" in the hotel, rode the train, and had our picture made with Mrs. Clause and Santa. It turned out to be a GREAT weekend and I highly suggest you go the Opryland hotel if you have never been. It is truly something to see. Check out our pictures from our fun girls weekend plus Bryson! :)

Bryson & Santa

Bryson & Mrs. Clause

Mommy & Bryson in front of the GIANT Christmas tree in the hotel

Riding the train (Bryson clapped his hands the whole time he loved it)

The Whole Gang!

34 Weeks-First Christmas Pictures!

Our little man is 34 weeks old. I know it may seem silly that I am still counting his age by weeks but it makes me feel better rather than saying he is 8 months old. :) Although it is not even Thanksgiving yet I put up the Christmas tree because I wanted Bryson (and us) to enjoy it as long as possible. I am not a huge Christmas tree person but I was excited to put one up this year to see our little man's face. He LOVES it. He wants to look at it and pull on the lights and if he can get close enough pull off the ornaments. So much fun! I can't wait for him to experience his first Christmas and for us to enjoy watching him during his first Christmas. :) Here are his 34 week pictures and his first look at the tree.

First Look at the Christmas Tree

Trying to pull the lights off! :)

Such a sweet boy!

The ornament that he pulled off the tree! :)

33 Weeks

Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Halloween (32 Weeks)

Clapping for the first time! :)
So cute and now that is all he does!

Bryson & Mommy on Halloween (with matching shirts :) )

Daddy & Bryson

Dinosaur Gage & Froggie Bryson