Tuesday, January 11, 2011

42 Weeks & Tubes

This past Thursday we took Bryson to the Pediatric ENT to see about getting tubes put in to help with all of his ear infections. They did a hearing test on him and he failed and he had tons of fluid in his ears. Sure enough the doctor said lets put tubes in. We took him the next morning for the surgery. The surgery only took about 5 minutes or so and it was only about 15 minutes from the time they took him from us until they brought him back to us. He was a little cranky for the first hour or so and then he got right back to his happy little self. So far, this has been a GREAT experience and we can already tell a pretty big difference in him. :)

After surgery, happy as can be! :)

42 Weeks

New Year's & 41 Weeks

Happy New Year! 2011

Mommy & Bryson on New Year's!

Little Man sporting his new cowboy hat that
Nana & Papaw got him for Christmas

Bryson & Daddy on New Year's Eve!

Moments to Cherish!

The Sweetest Sounds a Mommy will ever hear! :)

Here is a video that I took tonight of our sweet little guy! ;)

9 Month Photo Shoot

At the end of November we had Bryson's 9 month pictures made as well as some new family pics. My friend Brandi did them and as ALWAYS they turned out FANTASTIC! :) She does such a GREAT job capturing "US" and those little moments that mean so much! Here are a few pics from our session.

Bryson LOVES to hear his Daddy play guitar & sing.
This one is my favorite picture! ;)

My two Handsome Men

Such a BIG BOY! Makes Mommy want to CRY! :(