Wednesday, May 18, 2011


These past 2 weeks our Sweet Bryson has reached a lot of milestones. He pulled up for the first time, learned to RUN in the walker, learned to say KeyKey (Kitty Kitty), learned to army crawl and then just last night to crawl on his knees, learned to walk behind a push toy, learned to blow kisses and drank a whole cup of milk out of a straw. It is so fun to see him growing and learning and how he went from being this lazy kid that didn't move around much to getting into-- well everything. :) Once again I find myself thinking this is the best stage he has been through so far. He is SO much fun and he is absolutely HILARIOUS! :) I haven't had time to post any of his pics from his 1 year photo shoot so here is a sneak peek from his photo session with Brandi! :)

Mickey Gear!

Last week was a super hard week for Mommy. I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to Orlando, FL with 6 of my teacher girlfriends at BSLK to receive an Exemplary Reading Award that our school earned. I was only gone for 5 nights but it sure seemed like FOREVER. We had so much fun and it was great to have some much needed Mommy time with friends even though I missed my guys like crazy. We attended the conference for 4 days and then had a free day to visit Disney and I thought I just had to get my little guy everything I saw. We are taking Bryson for his first trip to Disney next Spring Break and now that I have just had a refresher visit I am even more excited to take our little man to meet Mickey Mouse!!!! :) Here are some pictures of my not so happy Bryson wearing his Mickey ears gearing up for our upcoming trip! :)

The back of his cute Mickey Ears!

Loving on Mickey! :)

Another Ear Infection :(

Ok, so I am about 2 weeks behind on blogging and since the last time I have blogged Bryson has had an ear infection and is already over it. :) He actually started running a fever the Sunday after all of the tornadoes. Bradley took him to the doctor on Monday and sure enough he had another ear infection in his left ear. Dr. Jones gave him an antibiotic for 10 days and it took care of it. He seems to think that he is going to do better in the summer since it is so warm which makes sense so we'll see! :) At his appointment he weighed 19.5 lbs. :)

I know he doesn't really look sick! :)
He's just always this happy. ;)

Easter 2011

This year was Bryson's second Easter although it seemed like his first because he was only 2 weeks old last year. We had so much fun dyeing eggs, opening surprises from the Easter Bunny, hunting eggs and even petting a new baby goat.

Easter 2010 - 2 weeks old :( so sweet!!!

Dyeing eggs for the 1st time

Checking out his surprises from the Easter Bunny

Petting the baby goat

Hanging out with cousin Gage

Hunting eggs for the 1st time

Although I was not happy about the outfit
on this poor kid he sure is CUTE!

Hunting eggs at Merrill Gardens with Ruth & Daddy

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trying New Things

We have been slowly letting Bryson try new foods from the table and he is absolutely loving it! Although you can't tell by his size he LOVES to eat! :)