Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bath Time (31 weeks)

Bryson has always LOVED taking a bath but since he can sit up now he REALLY LOVES bath time. He squeals and splashes and is SO much fun to watch. I wanted to be sure to capture these fun times so that we won't forget what I call the best days of our lives. Being a Mommy has been the greatest blessing and I don't want to forget a thing even little moments like bath time! :)

Sportin my Mohawk!

This just makes me smile! :)

30 Weeks

29 Weeks

War Eagle!!!! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

6 months and we have a Sitter! (28 Weeks)

That's right! Our sweet baby Bryson can sit up on his own. He began about a week and half ago trying and now he can pretty much do it by himself for as long as he wants! :) We also went to the doctor for his 6 month check up and shots. He weighs 15 lbs and was 26 inches long and seems to be a healthy boy (even though they say he doesn't weigh enough-we think he is perfect)! :) Check out our little man sitting up all by himself!

Sitting up by himself! :)

28 Weeks

Always laughing at Mommy!

Sweet Boy!

26 & 27 weeks