Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Halloween

Bryson (Black Eye Pea) & Daddy (Wolverine)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weagle Weagle! :)

Can I get a WAR EAGLE?!?!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Livin the Salt Life Part II

A Beautiful Sunset

My sweet baby that is growing up WAY to fast!

The day he fell in LOVE with Vanilla wafers. 
 This is his favorite snack now.  :)

Sharing his pretzel with Cousin Gage

Hanging out with Dad

So for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to 
rent scooters and ride on the strip as if we are teenagers again.  :)  And yes it was FUN!

Bradley, giving me a pep talk.  :)

the wind took his breathe at first 
but then he got use to it and liked it

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Livin the Salt Life!!!!! :)

So this week our family took a trip to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH...the BEACH!!!!  Oh how I have longed to be at the beach enjoying time with my family and making those little memories.  This is not Bryson's first beach trip but it IS the first time that he has enjoyed it because he was only 3 months old last time.  I will say it was MUCH easier last year with him being an infant than this year but overall it has been a great 4 days so far.  Here are some of the memories that we have made and captured over the last four days!  :)

Bryson's first time to play in the sand

I LOVE this sweet face!  :)  

Daddy building Bryson a sand castle--
I think he needs to brush up on his sand castle making skills ;)

 1 of his MANY faces

First trip into the ocean and he LOVED it!

Bryson & Mommy jumping waves

Bryson & Daddy

 Stay tuned for more pics from the next 4 days!  Should be LOTS of fun!  :)

And we have a Runner...

 So you know that our sweet baby has been in NO big hurry to walk but we can now say that we not only have a walker but we have a runner.  He started the first week of June taking a few steps here and there but would not walk and last week at community group he decided that he would take off.  I am not even going to lie and say that I wasn't sad--I may have even had a tear or two.  He is growing up SO fast!!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Little Dare Devil!

 I put Bryson on the couch the other day turned my back and then I heard him giggle turned around and found him jumping on the couch.  :)  I am afraid he may get his dare devil side from his Daddy.

Trying New Foods

It is hard to say what Bryson's favorite foods are because he pretty much devours anything you put in front of him!  ;)  He LOVES to eat and refuses to let anyone else eat without standing in front of you begging like a puppy.  :)  I try to not give him junk and I hardly EVER give him anything sweet but I am getting better about letting him try some things.  His newest things to try are pizza and cheese puffs and of course he LOVED them!

Happy 4th!!!!

So here is the run down from our 4th of July weekend.  We went to the concert in Boaz and stayed for the fireworks and then had a big cookout on the 3rd at Mimi's for Bradley's 28th birthday--he is getting old :)--  and then a big cookout on the 4th at Nana's.  Needless to say we were busy and had LOTS of fun!!!!  :)

 He was SCARED TO DEATH of the fireworks!  :(

Nana and the boys waiting for the fireworks

This is what I get all of the time!   :)  
He pretty much wants me to hold him ALL of the time! :)

 Hanging out with Uncle Rickey at the fireworks

Blowing his nose.  This is one of his many new tricks.  :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Tricks!!!! :)

Our little man is learning new things everyday and I am finding it harder and harder not to laugh at him!  Kids are SO funny!  He is going through a stage now where he will mock just about anything you do and so he is learning so many new tricks good and bad.  His newest tricks are blowing kisses, taking his clothes off, changing the channel with the remote, giving 5, hitting himself in the head, and sticking out this tongue (you can probably guess which ones his daddy is responsible for)  :)!!!  Here are some of Bryson's newest tricks!  :)