Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a Little Scare!

I am little bit behind on blogging but since the last time I have taken the time to blog Bryson has made a trip to the ER and to the Dr.'s office. Mimi picked Bryson up from daycare and noticed that he was wheezing pretty bad and so when I got to Mimi's to pick him up I called the dr.'s office. I spoke with the nurse and she asked me several questions and every answer was yes so she suggested that we take Bryson to the ER immediately. I was pretty scared because I was not sure how serious it was. We got to the ER and they did chest x-rays to check for pneumonia and they swabbed him for RSV. Both tests came back ok so they were still unsure about what was causing his breathing to be labored. They gave him a breathing treatment at the ER and told us to follow up with the pediatrician the next day. We saw Dr. Jones and he too was unsure of exactly what was wrong. He said that he could have a viral infection or it could possibly have been asthma related, especially since Bradley has asthma problems, so he sent us home with a nebulizer and we had to give him at least 2 breathing treatments a day as well as a steroid by mouth and by the 4th day he was much better. We are hoping this was just a little fluke and that he will not have asthma or any more problems breathing but we have plenty of breathing treatments left just in case. Bryson weighed 19 lbs at the Dr.'s office. Here are some pictures of Bryson's first ER visit and his first experience "smoking his pipe". :)

At the ER waiting on the Dr.

Getting into everything.
He sure doesn't look
sick does he? ;)

First time to bleed! :(

Last week Bryson accomplished another milestone...His favorite thing is for you to let him hold on to your fingers and let him run. Last Sunday night Bryson and I were in the floor playing and I decided that I would get out his push toy and let him try to walk behind it. He seemed to be really excited and WAS having fun until he started running and bumped into his horse Jumperoo causing him to hit his mouth on the push toy causing him to bust his lip. :( Although the video is hilarious now I will admit that when I ran over to him and there was blood coming out of both corners of his mouth I panicked a little. Turned out it was just a busted lip and he only cried for a minute.