Sunday, March 20, 2011

Birthday Boy! :)

Bryson, Mommy & Daddy LOVE you to the moon and back FOREVER & ALWAYS!!!!!! :)

One year ago today God blessed us with our beautiful Sweet Baby Bryson and we embarked on the adventure of a lifetime--parenthood! I absolutely can not believe how fast this year has gone!!!! I am not sure exactly sure how I feel about this whole turning ONE business or just growing up PERIOD! But what I do know is we are definitely the PROUD parents of a precious baby boy! I thank God daily for our sweet baby and I pray that God will guide us in every decision to raise him in a way that is pleasing to Him.

My 1 pancake Mommy made me for breakfast! :)

He was a HUGE fan! He ate the whole thing! :)

Enjoying his swing Mimi & Papa gave him for his birthday!


Thanks Mimi & Papa! I LOVE it! :)

Bryson's Sombrero! :)

He didn't know what to think! :)

Birthday Supper!

Last night we went to Villa Fiesta with Josh, Kasey, and Brayson to celebrate Bryson's birthday! Of course, the food was GREAT and Bryson even got to wear the SOMBRERO!

No More Bottles...No More Formula

So...Last Tuesday was the day that the bottle and formula disappeared. I was a little worried about how Bryson would handle it but he took it like a champ!!!! :) He is doing a really good job drinking out of a sippy cup and he really seems to like whole milk too. :)

Happy Birthday to You Sweet Baby Bryson! 52 Weeks

So, yesterday was the big day...our Sweet Baby Bryson's 1st Birthday party!!!! :) We had a monster bash and OH what fun it was! :) He did such a good job during opening presents and he LOVED his cake!!! Check out some pictures from his Monster Bash!
It's my Birthday!!! :) :) :)

Just Getting Started

The Finished Product

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Birthday Photo Shoot

About 3 weeks ago we cheated and let Bryson have his first cake! Yum! Yum! Our dear friend Brandi came over to shoot this fun experience and to be sure that we captured those first sweet moments. (She did an AWESOME job) Here is a short slideshow of Bryson's first experience with cake and well ANYTHING sweet (besides the sucker that NICK let him have when he was only 6 months old...arrrrrgggghhhh) ;)

50 Weeks

Bryson is 50 weeks old! I know I say this like every other post but it absolutely just DOES NOT seem like our baby is almost the big 1!!!!!! He is still not crawling but he can turn around in a complete circle on his tummy. He can pull up if he is holding your fingers but will not pull up from the ground to furniture yet. He has 6 teeth now. Four on the top and two in the middle on the bottom (his 2 front teeth have not completely come in yet so he looks like he has fangs--SO CUTE). He also got his new cowboy hat this week. His Nana and Papaw got him one for Christmas (sized for a 12 month old) and it was TOO small--he does have a BIG HEAD :) so we had to get him a new one. This time he and Daddy have a matching hat! (I'll post pictures of that later)...Here are his pictures from week 50! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

49 Weeks

We have definitely been enjoying all of these warm weekends we have been having. Bryson LOVES to be outside so we have been taking him out as much as possible. Here are Bryson's pictures from week 48 with his new "friend" Rebel.

48 Weeks

Mum Mum's...His favorite!

47 Weeks

He is such a little stinker if you can't tell from this look! :)

He can finally hold his own bottle! A milestone he finally reached at 10 months old. :)
Why in the world would he hold it if somebody will do it for him! I am pretty sure I have created a LAZY kid!!!

46 Weeks and 2 More Doctor Visits

This week we had to take Bryson back to the doctor because he had a high fever and well ANOTHER ear infection. We also took him back to see Dr. Castillo and he suctioned the excess fluid off his ears. He said this should do the trick so we will see. He weighed 17lbs 2 oz this week. :) Here are some pictures from this week.