Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Livin the Salt Life!!!!! :)

So this week our family took a trip to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH...the BEACH!!!!  Oh how I have longed to be at the beach enjoying time with my family and making those little memories.  This is not Bryson's first beach trip but it IS the first time that he has enjoyed it because he was only 3 months old last time.  I will say it was MUCH easier last year with him being an infant than this year but overall it has been a great 4 days so far.  Here are some of the memories that we have made and captured over the last four days!  :)

Bryson's first time to play in the sand

I LOVE this sweet face!  :)  

Daddy building Bryson a sand castle--
I think he needs to brush up on his sand castle making skills ;)

 1 of his MANY faces

First trip into the ocean and he LOVED it!

Bryson & Mommy jumping waves

Bryson & Daddy

 Stay tuned for more pics from the next 4 days!  Should be LOTS of fun!  :)

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